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Acrylic painting of a woman sitting, titled "Nefertiti's Shadow"


A beautiful girl agreed to let me photograph her. I was originally going to pay homage to Whistler, but as I was painting it, I noticed the shadow.

Acrylic painting of a Heron, titled "Heron with Reflection"


I frequent Lake Crabtree in early morning. This heron has been my model for this acrylic and a lithograph.

Acrylic titled "Leaping Ram"


Just a fun piece.

Acrylic painting of oranges in a window, titled "Oranges at Night"


Because they were there. I look at this and it reminds me of the Dutch artists who would elevate common objects.

Acrylic painting of an Imperial Moth, titled "Navigation"


An Imperial Moth was resting on my front porch, but it looks like he is navigating the clouds.

Acrylic painting of a horse, titled "Pink Horse"


I like to walk by the Reedy Creek NC State Horse Farm. If you're lucky and you have a bag of apples, the horses will come right up to the fence. This was a beautiful brown mare that I just thought would look good pink.

Acryclic painting of a street with power line poles, titled "Redeemed"


In this acrylic on canvas paper, I loved the cone of light  (water?) in the center of the painting. There is almost a religious feel with the power poles and the indifference of the burly men in their reflective vests. There is a round harmony to this painting that makes it one of my favorites.

Acrylic painting of a girl on the beach, titled "When Our Shadows Were Close"


The photo was taken at Oak Island. The child was in her own world and originally I was going to crop the women's legs to focus on the child but the more I immersed myself into the painting the more I knew those ladies had to stay. I think the shadows tell a story about youth and self-discovery, self-involvement, and living in your own world. I have sold this painting and when I did, it broke my heart. I'll probably do it again.

Late August.JPG

Late August

This to me reminds me of late summer. There are few people left at the boardwalk, but the bright colors and blue sky still speak to summer.

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